Alicia Keys' kids couldn't be less impressed that she's hosting the Grammys

Photo: Erik Pendzich/Alamy Live News
Photo: Erik Pendzich/Alamy Live News 

Kids sure do have a way of humbling you, even when you're a 15-time Grammy-winning artist.

Alicia Keys announced Monday that she will be hosting the 2019 Grammy Awards, which is surely a big deal following last year's gender controversy of not enough female winners, which resulted in a #GrammysSoMale hashtag.

This year's music awards show will be in Los Angeles on February 10.

But it looks like Keys' kids didn't really understand how important the Grammys hosting gig was for their mum -- that or they just didn't care.

The artist posted a video to her Instagram showing her coming home and excitedly sharing the news of her new hosting gig with her kids, who couldn't be less enthused if they tried.

"I got some good news guys, or I got some news. Guess what?" Keys asked her children, Genesis, 4, and Egypt, 8. "I am going to host the Grammys!"

Her announcement was met with a deafening silence until the awkwardness was interrupted by Genesis' little squeal (of excitement maybe?). Shortly after, Egypt asked "What's the Grammys?"


Egy and Gen want to know what the #GRAMMYS are ??? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🥳🥳🤣🤣

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Although her kids weren't excited -- or maybe just confused -- Keys was more than happy about her hosting gig.

The mum of two shared an almost-10-minute-long video of her receiving the news and the celebration and preparation that ensued after.

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