Ben Fordham shares adorable video attempting to put kids to bed: 'this is what happens on holidays'

Ben Fordham with Freddie and Pearl.
Ben Fordham with Freddie and Pearl. Photo: Instagram

If you have trouble making your kids go to bed over the holidays then take some comfort in knowing that even if you were a TV and radio star, bed time would still be a struggle - just ask Ben Fordham.

The 2GB host shared a video of his children, six-year-old Freddy and four-year-old Pearl, doing everything in their power to avoid hitting the hay - and parents everywhere can empathise.

The 44-year-old uploaded the video to Instagram, captioning it "Every jail has a bad egg."

"This is what happens on holidays," he says in the video.

"Freddy, hop in the bed. Freddy's in the top bunk. Freddy, hop in your bed properly."

He then shows four-year-old daughter Pearl in the bottom bunk, as well as one-year-old daughter Marigold, who's having a giggle as she watches all the action unfold from behind louvers.

"How long did that take to settle them Ben? I love family holidays," one woman commented.

"So much fun," agreed another. "No one's gonna be getting much sleep tonight."


"Oh dear," laughed a third user. "You're losing the battle Ben"

The presenter shares his three children with his wife Jodie Speers, whom he married in 2011.

He regularly sweet updates on family life with three kids, including another recent holiday clip showing an animated Freddy enjoying a game of cards. 

"When your 'Poker Face' is a work in progress," Fordham captioned the cute video.