Dancer Allison Holker 'proud' of daughter for calling out online troll

Allion Holker and her daughter Weslie
Allion Holker and her daughter Weslie Photo: Instagram

Allison Holker has said she "couldn't be prouder" of her 12-year-old daughter for standing up for herself to an online troll.

Holker's daughter Weslie Renae responded to a TikTok commenter who asked her why she "dresses like a boy".

"Patriarchy is dead," she begins the video, that shows her in a dark coloured t-shirt with her hair tied up and the comment on the screen.

"Just because I don't wear dresses and bright pink doesn't mean I'm dressing like a boy," she points out.


Always stand up for who you are.

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"This is my style," the 12-year-old continues firmly. "I wear comfy clothes and darker colours and just because I dress like that doesn't mean I'm dressing like a boy and it doesn't mean that boys or girls are defined by certain things because of their gender."

"It doesn't mean anything and just because you can't open your eyes doesn't mean I'm about to change," she concludes the video.

Her mother couldn't have been prouder, posting the TikTok footage to her own Instagram account.

"Proud of my daughter for standing up for herself and using her voice," she captioned the post.


"We need to stop trying to tear each other down ... instead we should stand together understanding our uniqueness is beautiful! Love you @weslierboss."

Weslie also posted the video to her Instagram, captioning it "Always stand up for who you are."


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Commenters praised the pre-teen for the way she eloquently handled the situation.

"Way to speak up for yourself! So proud of you" one fan wrote.

"I feel like a proud mom and she's not even mine" said another. "Yes girl!"

Last month Holker posted a tribute to her daughter for her 12th birthday, saying she is "by far one of my greatest accomplishments".

"I AM PROUD to be your momma!!" she wrote, mentioning some of her favourite memories with her daughter.

 "Disney trips, New York vacations, Hawaii (long story), afternoon painting, TIK TOK making, slime, newspaper walls, nails, shopping, playing settlers, riddles, twilight series marathons, wolf blood series Netflix, boy talks, life talks, and our absolute favourite TARGET runs"

"I love you so much" she concluded.

Holker, who is a professional dancer also shares son Maddox, four, and six-month-old daughter Zaia with husband and So You Think You Can Dance star Stephen "tWitch" Boss.