Dave Grohl opens up about the special bond he has with 16-year-old daughter Violet

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Photo YouTube Sound & Vision 

He was a drummer for Nirvana, created the Foo Fighters and is a 16-time Grammy award winner, but David Grohl's proudest achievement is his daughter Violet. 

The singer opened up about the 16-year-old and their special bond in his new memoir The Storyteller, where he says he's managed to balance his family and career life incredibly well. 

While promoting the book, in an interview with TODAY in the US, Grohl spoke about the excitment he and his wife Jordyn Blum shared while expecting their first child Violent. 

He said he used to have conversations with Violent while she was in her mother's womb. 

"It feels weird to sit there talking to someone's stomach and saying, like, 'Hi! I can't wait to meet you'", he told host Carson Daly. 

But because of this constant communication, when Violent was born he said she recognised his voice immediately

"I got right close to her face and and I said, 'Hey, Violet, it's me.' And she stopped screaming," Grohl said. 

It was an incredibly special moment between the father and his daughter, and he says he still feels that instant connection with Violent every time he looks in her eyes. 

Grohl is a proud girl dad to two other girls Harper Willow, 12 and Ophelia Saint, seven.


In his book he reveals that while it is hard to leave the kids while he goes on tour, it's thanks to them that he continues to go out and play music to the world. 

"My kids inspire me and it's that love, that then when I go on the road," he told TODAY in the US. 

Violent is following in her father's footsteps with a career in music.

Earlier this year, she joined her father and his Foo Fighter bandmates on stage for their headline set at Lollapalooza. 

She sang their first father-daughter collaboration together, a cover of X's Nausia to thousands of fans at the festival and videos of the performance went viral.