Drew Barrymore gets emotional over daughters' birthday tribute: 'We love you so much'

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter Photo: Tiwtter/The Drew Barrymore Show

Drew Barrymore's daughters sure know how to make a birthday memorable.

To celebrate the actresses big day, Olive, eight, and Frankie, six, made an adorable cartoon of themselves animated as cats, reading a poem they wrote for their mum — and it hit in all the right places.

"Hi, Mum! Olive and I wanted to send you a special message on your birthday, so here it goes," the poem begins.

"We love you more than squirrels and pearls, or eating cheese in the breeze. We love you more than holding hands, or swinging on the trapeze."

"We love you so much it makes us nuts, we love you so much with all our guts," they continue, as Barrymore is seen laughing and crying.

"There's only one thing left to say. You're the best mum in the world. Happy birthday!"

Needless to say, the 46-year-old was blown away.

Barrymore co-parents Frankie and Olive with ex-husband Will Kopelman. The Golden Globe winner is notoriously private about her daughters and tries to keep them out of the spotlight, explaining rhe decision came from her own life experiences. 

Frankie and Olive made an adorable animated video for their mum.

Frankie and Olive made an adorable animated video for their mum. Photo: Twitter/ The Drew Barrymore Show

"I'm not selling my brand on my kids," she told People. "I won't do it. But to ignore that part of my life would make me an automaton. So it's really inventive to figure out how to bring them into the omelet and fold it in, in a way that feels appropriate for me."

The actress, who hosts The Drew Barrymore Show, opened up last year about trying to find the 'elusive' work/life balance with her family.

"I think balance is an elusive bitch who has evaded me my entire life," she said in an interview with Health Magazine. "I'm just ready to wrestle her to the ground and have an old-fashioned, hair-pulling girl fight with her."

With an adorable gift like this from her daughters, Barrymore must be doing something right!