Erin Molan shares 'relatable' picture of daughter's hair: 'Not all born hairdressers'

Erin Molan shared her daughters hair style to Instagram.
Erin Molan shared her daughters hair style to Instagram. 

When it comes to parenting, some things come more naturally than others. And achieving the perfect middle part when doing your child's hair is something many try, and many unfortunately fail.

If this is you, you're not alone and, as Nine sports presenter Erin Molan found out, it's harder to achieve symmetrical pigtails than one may think.

"I spent more than ten minutes doing Eliza's hair this morning," Molan captioned the photo of daughter Eliza's, shall we say, less than symmertical hair on Instagram.

"I did the part about 4 times to try and get it even... Shout out to all parents/carers who try their best but just really suck."


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Fans loved the picture, many commenting that sometimes practice makes perfect but it can also be one of those things you will never manage to nail.

"I got you. Can give you lessons," fellow Nine presenter Belinda Russel commented. "3 daughters .. years of dancing eisteddfods/concerts.. LOTs of practice."

"I'm the same," commented another user. "Cannot do my daughters hair at all."

"Practice makes perfect," encouraged another. "You will get there!!! Not everyone was born a hairdresser!"


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Others offered some advice on how to tackle the the elusive perfect middle part.

"Try wetting it first," one Instagram user suggested.

"Perhaps start at the bottom and go up!" another said.

While some had some advice just for parenting in general.

"Whatever you do don't let her watch Frozen," they laughed. "My little one now wants hair like Elsa, I can't deliver that."