Erin Molan's sweet bedtime story snap not all it seems: 'It's a massive punish'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Bedtime - when it goes smoothly, it's great. A chance for snuggles and to read books peacefully as little ones drift off to sleep.

At least that's how parents wish it could be. Unfortunately the reality is usually very different.

As Erin Molan has shared, kids really have a way to unnecessarily complicate things, just because. 

The TV sports presenter and radio host shared a snap of herself and daughter Eliza, two, reading books together in bed.

But while it looks like a sweet mum and daughter moment, Molan says she is actually suffering.

"Eliza now demands we both read to ourselves at night instead of me reading to her ... BUT I have to read one of HER books and am not allowed to scroll Insta... it's a massive punish, I'm not going to lie," she joked in the caption.

"If I start to read aloud she covers my mouth and says 'shhhhhh.'


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​She isn't the only parent facing the toddler-making-the-rules challenge, with many fans commenting with their own stories.

"How bossy are they now!! So cute!!," said one, "That's hilarious. My daughter used to do the same. Very cute," another added. 

"That is so cute!.. At least you have a selection. My son has made me read 'Spot goes to the park' every night for the last nine months...EVERY NIGHT!!," joked another.

It's not the only challenge Molan has faced this week, recently sharing the struggle to achieve a perfect part for her daughter's hair. 

"I spent more than ten minutes doing Eliza's hair this morning," Molan captioned a photo of her attempt. 

"I did the part about four times to try and get it even... Shout out to all parents/carers who try their best but just really suck."