Father-daughter duo star in the cutest cinematic recreations of all time

Photo: Universal PIctures/Instagram
Photo: Universal PIctures/Instagram 

Anyone can make a film these days, but how many can say they've successfully recaptured some of the most iconic scenes in the cinema's history with their five-year-old daughter?

Alex Zane and his five-year-old daughter Matilda have gotten creative in quarantine in the US, recreating famous movie scenes on their Instagram account, tot_for_tot_remakes to almost 37,000 followers. The project started out as a way for the family of four to pass some time, but has quickly gained popularity, with people loving the adorable re-makes.

"When quarantine occurred my wife Jacqueline and I found ourselves quarantined at home full-time with two little kids," explained Zane, 40, who also shares one-year-old son Holden with his wife, 36.

"We split the days between us where she would work in the mornings and I would work in the afternoons," he told PEOPLE, saying he "desperately needed some sort of structure and activities to get through the day."

The project started with Zane snapping a picture of Matilda posing mid air guitar in a Teen Wolf recreation, facial hair and all. He then sent it to his friend, professional photographer Andrew Kelly, who put some final touches on the photo.

The photos are all cleverly captioned with a quarantine twist and have been made into 'kid-friendly' versions — like subbing out movie characters for stuffed toys, swapping a car for a plastic one and a martini for some milk.


Explaining that it doesn't take too long to take the actual photo, Zane said planning and sourcing props for the recreations, as well as coordinating with his friend to edit, takes the most time.

 It's become a full family affair, with his wife's mother, a professional seamstress, even lending a hand to make costumes, including the Legally Blonde and Titanic outfits.

As well as being the cutest way to pass the time, Zane says he's enjoyed sharing some of his favourite movies with his daughter.

"It's also awesome to watch Matilda try and mimic the actors in the scenes and listen to her ask questions about the scenes,' he said, adding she gets excited watching a film that they've remade.

Her favourite part of the project though is spending time with his family, as well as "being with his daughter and showing her the joy and rewards that come with being creative".