Fifi Box shares hilarious family Santa photo fail: 'This went well'

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

Fifi Box has shared a relatable Santa photo fail of her daughters Trixie Belle and Daisy.

The radio and TV host, 43, shared two photos on Instagram showing a very unhappy Daisy, captioning it "This went well".

In the first pic, the one-year-old can be seen in full meltdown mode, appearing terrified of the strange man in the red suit, while older sister Trixie, seven, calmly holds on to the tot. 

In the next, Box has joined the family snap and as she and Trixie smile at the camera, Daisy gives a hilariously glum expression - looking unimpressed at the whole situation. 


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Many followers thanked her for sharing saying it had made their day and recounting their own failed photo attempts.

"OMG, I giggled at the 1st photo but totally lost it at the 2nd. So much expression on the sweet face," said one.

"I swear Daisy can always show exactly what she's thinking with her expressions - she's going to be an awesome teenager," another joked. 

"Yep! We've all had photos like this! Welcome to the club," said another, while others said it made them feel better about their own mishaps.


"Shouldn't laugh but thank god someone else kid does the panic scream."

It's not the first time the adorable tot has let her expressions do the talking. Box also recently shared photos from a visit to the zoo, with Daisy taking it all very seriously.

"Zoo today with Opa. (Daisy did occasionally look interested)," Box quipped. 


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Here's hoping little Daisy warms to Santa before he visits on Christmas Eve.