Former soccer pro finds unique DIY solution to help daughter's tooth come out

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

When your dad is a former professional soccer player, the game is bound to be a big part of your family life. 

Unfortunately for one little girl, who happens to be Susan Sarandon's granddaughter, not even her teeth have been spared from the game.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, former Los Angeles Galaxy player Kyle Martino showed how he'd found a unique way to pull out his six-year-old daughter Marlowe's wobbly tooth.

Many parents may have been content to let the tooth fall out naturally, but for Martino a soccer ball provided a DIY solution.

In the video, captioned "This time Marlow didn't need dad's help, she kicked out her own tooth". Marlowe can be seen standing in front of a soccer ball, which has been tied to the tooth in question by a string.

As the visibly nervous girl looks intently at the ball, Martino can be heard encouraging her to kick it. 

"Here we go, Marlowe Mae is going to kick out her own tooth. Kick it as hard as you can," he says.

While the little girl appears frightened beforehand, she steels herself, kicks and then starts cheering when the tooth is dislodged.


"Good job Lowey! Amazing, what a kick!," Martino adds, before he and ex-wife Eva Amurri - Sarandon's daughter, begin searching for the tooth. 

When it's eventually found on the other side of the room, Martino tells her: "Here you go, the first tooth that you kicked out yourself! Good job!", as the little girl holds paper towel over her mouth. 

The video has been viewed more than 31,000 times and even fellow soccer star David Beckham commented, saying 'Wow!"

Fellow former Galaxy player Bryan Jordan also chimed in, saying 'I remember that fear! Awesome to have her overcome it!'.

However one person did ask if it may have been better to let nature do its thing, saying: 'Wouldn't it be less painful for Marlowe to just let the tooth fall out by itself...?'. To which Martino replied with a single eye roll emoji. 

Here's hoping the tooth fairy brings leaves an extra special surprise for her bravery.