'I find it hard to disconnect': Fifi Box admits she finds playtime with her kids difficult

Fifi Box with her daughters.
Fifi Box with her daughters. Photo: Instagram

Fifi Box knows how hard playtime can be sometimes with kids.

"I find the most frustrating part of playing with many kids is when my imagination lets me down," she tells Essential Kids.

"I find it difficult to disconnect from my busy mind with all the things I need to get done in a day, so when I make time to play with the girls it can be difficult to be present and let my imagination run free."

New data from toy company Mattel that found nine in 10 of parents find it hard to be imaginative when playing with toys with their children, with 50 per cent admitting to cutting playtime with their kids short because of it.

With this in mind, Box is working with Mattel to create audio guides, Mattel Play With Us, to help parents engage in a 'more imaginative' playtime with their kids.


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Although it has been a difficult year, Box said she's been more engaged when it comes to playtime with her daughters, six-year-old Trixie and one-year-old Daisy, as it's given her more time to focus on the girls.

"I found it a real blessing to be able to cut off from the world and surrender to so much down time," she revealed.

The popular media personality said she's looking forward to creating memories with her girls over the Christmas break, hoping to create the same fond memories she has from holidays as a kid.


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"These Christmas holidays are all about my girls, it's 100 per cent time with them where they are my absolute focus," she said enthusiastically. "Kids respond so well when you engage with them and immerse yourself into their play."

Pointing out that kids can 'always tell' if you're distracted during playtime, Box urges parents to fully embrace playtime, encouraging parents to 're-engage the fun, fearless sense of play that we had as children.'

"I think we become more sensible and serious as we get older, and we become more self-aware and insecure," Box explains. "But at the end of the day, our kids don't judge us or care how silly we look."