'I narrowly avoided a major parenting fail!': Ivanka Trump on son's escape

Ivanka Trump thanked Secret Service agents for catching her runaway son.
Ivanka Trump thanked Secret Service agents for catching her runaway son.  Photo: Bloomberg

Boarding a plane with several young kids in tow is not a task for the faint-hearted  - just ask Ivanka Trump.

Sure, she was travelling on Air Force One and had the Secret Service on hand to save the day - but the US first daughter has shared a close call that many mere mortal parents will relate to.  

Ivanka, 38, took to Instagram to share photos of her youngest son Theodore being stopped by a Secret Service agent as he tried to run out of the door of what is probably the most secure plane in the world. 

"Theo busted attempting a stealth exit from AF1 last night while I was distracted prying melted M&Ms out of my daughter's hands," Ivanka wrote.

"Thanks to the US Secret Service I narrowly avoided a major parenting fail! Hat tip to the eagle eyed photographers who busted my boy in action!'"

From the look of the two photos Ivanka posted, young Theo had a co-conspirator in his attempt to flee. Big brother Joseph, six, is seen close behind his sibling before the pair of tiny escape artists realise they are no match for the speedy Secret Service agents and are taken back to their mother. 

Everyone is, of course, relieved the President's grandsons are safe. But the question remains - were the M&Ms Ivanka was trying to pry from eight-year-old daughter Arabella's hands the personalised Presidential ones known to be carried on Air Force One?​

If so, then who could blame the youngster for not wanting to let the tasty treats go. After all, not many kids can say their grandpa's job comes with the perk of free personalised candy.