I wish I lived next door to my dad: Pink's change of heart

Pink with her dad Jim Moore.
Pink with her dad Jim Moore.  Photo: Instagram/Pink

Music sensation Pink has opened up about missing her dad in a candid post on Instagram.

The notoriously open singer shared an old photo of her with her then toddler, daughter Willow Sage, with a heartfelt caption about her family. In the adorable photo, her daughter, who is now eight, is seen giving her a big kiss on the cheek.


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"My dad sent me this picture today," she wrote.

"I can't believe how little she was. How simple it was."

The Grammy award-winning performer explained how when she was old enough she moved as far away from her family as she could, while still living in the same country. But she's since had a change of heart.

"And now, I wish I lived next door," she said.

"I wish my kids could walk to their house and have a cookie I wouldn't approve of.

"I don't believe in regrets, but I do believe in growth, and change. And I miss my dad."


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The singer has often shared how much her dad Jim Moore is her rock.

"He has been my person all of my life," she said in an Instagram post last year.

"He has taken on the world for and with me, no questions asked.

"He made me feel important. He made me think I was worth loving. He taught me how to do it all myself. And when no one else was there, he told me to love myself."

Pink was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She told People magazine her dad was "really strict".

"He's military, so it's just a certain way that you're brought up," she said.

"But I'm glad. It gave me a lot of discipline."

As a result, her parenting style of Willow and toddler son Jameson Moon is also pretty tough.

"I'm a tough mama," she said.

"I expect a lot. I have a high bar for myself and for others, and it's not easy to be loved by me."

While she now lives in California, with her young family, her honest reflection about being away from her dad struck a chord with fans. Her emotional post has been liked nearly 620,000 times.

It must be a reflective time for the singer who recently turned 40.

Her husband, Carey Hart, shared a beautiful birthday tribute to her on Instagram.


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"Welcome to 40 baby. I've celebrated 18 birthdays with you, and I can say it's amazing growing up with you," he wrote.

"The person you have grown into is inspiring. You have become a successful business woman, superstar, dedicated mother, Philanthropist, supportive wife, wine maker, motorcycle mama, and amazing friend to all around you.

"I'm so proud of the woman you have become, and you are more beautiful than ever. You truly are like wine. You just keep getting better, and I'm so lucky to be along on this crazy ride with you."