'It's enough to destroy you': Mark Ruffalo on the reality of parenting teenagers

Photo: AP
Photo: AP 

He might be a movie star, but that doesn't excuse Mark Ruffalo from doing his family's laundry. And the dad of three has shared a truth that parents of teenagers everywhere will relate to - there's so much washing! 

​"It's intense. The times when my wife is gone and I've had to take care of everything . . . the laundry alone is enough to destroy you," the actor, 52, whose children are Keen, 18, Bella, 14, and Odette, 12, tells PEOPLE.

The star isn't taking all the credit though, pointing out wife Sunrise is the one doing most of the laundry, along with the other parenting duties, while he is busy working.  "My wife is just a hero," he said. 

In the soon-to-be released movie Dark Water, Ruffalo plays environmental lawyer Rob Bilott, who battles the DuPont chemical company over toxins leaked into the water supply in West Virginia. ​

The Avengers star says when not working he enjoys hanging out with his kids, who he says are "much more savvy" than he was when he was a teenager.


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"I like those moments where you're just chugging along and then, all of a sudden, your kids open up to you, and you have this deep conversation where they express their troubles— it's hard for them, especially at that age," he tells PEOPLE. "But my kids are way more savvy than I was, man. They're so engaged in the world."