'It's incredibly hard': Chezzi Denyer reveals her tips for a painless road trip with kids

The TV producer reveals how her and Grant keep their kids entertained in the car,
The TV producer reveals how her and Grant keep their kids entertained in the car, Photo: Instagram

Some parents ban screen time on family holidays, but not Grant and Chezzi Denyer. The seasoned mum and dad road-trippers know devices are a lifesaver when it comes to kids and long car trips. 

"With headphones," laughs Chezzi. "I've got a five-year-old who every 10 minutes says are we there yet, are we there yet. And you know, five to 10 minutes into a ten-hour trip really does start to play on your nerves.

"We do a Christmas trip every year to the Gold Coast (except for this year) to visit Grant's family. So, we've had plenty of road trip experiences with kids and trying to keep them entertained, fed, whilst not too hydrated because then they need to."

As travel restrictions to ease, Australian's are starting to make plans for the summer holidays.

With a whopping 82 percent of Aussie's planning on hitting the road in the next three-six months, car safety has never been more important when planning a holiday.

The Denyers have paired with mycar Tyre and Auto to launch a free Road Trip Ready inspection, as well as audio guides to help with the long car trips, and with two young daughters and a baby on the way, she knows how important it is to keep your family safe in the car.

Speaking to Essential Baby, Chezzi admits travelling and driving with kids is "incredibly hard".

Other than device time, the Denyers also play games to help pass the time when travelling with their daughters. 


"We also play a couple of games for long trips, because sometimes you know, you need to break it up," she continued, listing a music shuffle game, the 'Change Game', and Eye-Spy as some family favourites.

However, the family of four will soon be adjusting to having one more in the back seat, with the newest addition such in March 2021, which Denyer admits she is "petrified" about.

"I've been able to keep the kid's kind of separated by pillows, for trips over the past five years," she said. "Now there's going to be a baby in the back, kind of to one side, pushing the two older ones together so, I feel like that's going to create a lot of fights."

With a road trip planned to rural New South Wales over the summer holidays, the pregnant mum has a plan to make sure she stays comfortable in the car.

 "I'm going to make Grant drive the whole way," she declared. "[And] I'm going to put lots of snacks down at my feet for the whole journey."

In terms of keeping the family safe in the car, Denyer says it's vital to make sure you have your car checked.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer

Grant and Chezzi Denyer Photo: Supplied

Research commissioned by mycar Tyre and Auto found 61 percent of people are also ignoring basic pre-road trip inspections, even when they know something is wrong with their vehicle, which is part of the reason why Denyer says it's important to them.

"That's my number one tip for keeping your family safe," she says, encouraging everyone to get their free mycar 10-point-check.

She also adds to listen to her and Grant's Road Trip Ready individual audio guides to help pass the time.

"We kind of talk about some of our more comical trips and things that have gone wrong," she laughs. "Hopefully we'll sit in the back with you and you know, make you laugh and make it go a lot faster."