Jacinda Ardern's fiancé finds genius solution to daughter's birthday cake dilemma

Neve with her epic birthday cake.
Neve with her epic birthday cake. Photo: Twitter

Parenting comes with many challenges - and making an original birthday cake every year is one of the big ones.

Jacinta Ardern knows just how difficult the task is, happily handing over responsibility for daughter Neve's birthday creations to partner Clarke Gayford. As a result, the little girl got a cake for her third birthday that may just be the solution to every confused parents' problem when it comes to cake themes. 

"Last year Clarke watched me struggle with Neve's birthday cake and casually said 'I'll do it next year,'" she explained, admitting she found it "hilarious" watching her daughter's requests grow bigger and more ambitious as the year went on.

"They changed daily. First it was Moana, then Frozen, then Mickey Mouse. I may have even encouraged it slightly by showing her pictures of elaborate cakes and saying she should get dad to make them for her.

However, it was Clarke that had the last laugh.

"Clarke came up with his own genius solution to a child who can't make up their mind," the NZ PM revealed, along with a video of a cake in the shape of a TV with a tablet inside showing all their daughter's favourite shows and movies.

"Well played Clarke, well played. As a reward, you're doing next year now too."

Instagram users loved the clever creation, with Clarke already worried he may have set the bar too high, jokingly saying "I may have peaked early."


Clarke also posted his creation to Twitter, explaining his process from the artist's point of view.

"Ok judgey Twitter here it is," he wrote. "First she wanted Moana, then Frozen, then Mickey Mouse for her birthday cake. So I came up with a plan to make all 3 using a bit of trickery I had up my sleeve."

Last year, Ardern shared her her classic rendition of a Women's Weekly Birthday Cookbook favourite - the piano. However, according to the mum-of-one, it could've gone better.

"Cake making lesson number two- don't focus on making the cake look in proportion with little to no attention on structural integrity," she wrote, alongside a picture of her creation. "There is a jar of lentils propping this thing up."

"Happy Birthday Neve!" she continued. "Thanks for ignoring all of the imperfections in life and just being a joy."