Jennifer Garner says “yes” to her kids for an entire day

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner Photo: Shutterstock

As a parent, I feel like I say "no" more than pretty much any other word – except for maybe, "Where is your other shoe?" I've wondered from time to time what would happen if I decided to just say yes more often, but then I have visions of hiding in my room while my lounge room is overrun by monkeys in tutus playing electric guitars, while my children gleefully clap along.

But Jennifer Garner, inspired by the book Yes Day, spends one day a year saying yes to all her children's requests.

Mum to Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5, with former partner Ben Affleck, shared her recent Yes Day experience, during which she ended up in a tent.

Jennifer shared a photo of herself looking worse for wear inside a tent on Instagram, with the caption, "You'll never need coffee more than the day after 'yes day'." She included the hashtags #fiveyearsrunning #wesleptinatent and #inthebackyard.

The first hashtag is a hint that this tradition has been running for five years in Jennifer's house, so she clearly knew what she was getting herself into.

Jennifer also explained that the adventure was thanks to inspiration from the "fantastic children's book" Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The book is about a special day each year when adults respond to all of their children's requests with a "yes!" – whether it be eating pizza for breakfast or staying up all night.

One parent commented on the photo, "Oh what a great idea, I would be nervous what my two boys would ask me to do."


Another said, "I do this every year too!"

Another shared a fun Yes Day experience. "We celebrate yes day as well. My favourite was two years ago when we pushed stuffed animals on park swings," wrote one.

Sure, Jennifer was exhausted after what was likely a raucous night spent in a tent with her three kids, but no doubt she helped create happy memories for her kids that will last a lifetime.