Katy Perry surprises eight-year-old fan by appearing as her substitute teacher

Eight-year-old Charlotte got the surprise of her life.
Eight-year-old Charlotte got the surprise of her life. Photo: BBC Radio 1

An eight-year-old girl has had the surprise on her life when she logged on for what she thought was an ordinary day of virtual learning and ended up chatting to Katy Perry!

 BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James organised for super fan Charlotte to hang out with Katy Perry who took it upon herself to act as her new substitute teacher, and we think she may be Charlotte's new favourite teacher.

Charlotte's mother woke her daughter up telling her she wanted to introduce her to her new substitute teacher, because "Miss Black couldn't do today's lesson".

"Charlotte it's time to wake up and get ready for school," Perry calls out from outside the frame, before sitting down and revealing who she really is.

8-year-old Charlotte had the surprise of her life

Eight-year-old Charlotte had the surprise of her life Photo: BBC Radio 1

"Good morning I'm your substitute teacher," the cheery pop star says, "today's lessons will just include jokes, music, talking about your favourite food, all of your favourite puppy names," she continues.

"Oh, I can show you my puppy right now- it can be a show and tell," she exclaims.

Charlotte was lost for words, telling Perry, "it's crazy to see you, you've always been my favourite pop star!".

The pair hit it off immediately, chatting about their favourite songs, bonding over their love for their dogs and of course what they can't wait to do once lockdown is over.


"What do you want to do most after this?" Perry asked the little girl.

"Probably have a party at my friend's house," she responded.


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The new BFFs wrapped up their chat by taking a 2020 selfie together (a side-by-side on screen photo) and with Perry recording a special message for Charlotte's friends once lockdown is over, inviting them to "the world's best sleepover".

"Hi this is Katy Perry and Charlotte," the 'Daisy' singer began, "and OMG quarantine is over. Guess what that means? That means Charlotte wants to invite you to have the world's best slumber party/rave/dance-a-thon."

The American Idol judge continued saying there will be pizza, and cereal and to expect lots of dancing.

"We're gonna dance, until we can't dance anymore," she exclaimed.

"Will you be there? RSVP!"

Charlotte couldn't wait to get her RSVP in and we're sure her friends will be  counting down to days to join her.

Perry is expecting a her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom and based on this interaction, she's already a pro with kids!