Little boy crawling away from the Queen will make your day

Photo: Royal Family/Twitter
Photo: Royal Family/Twitter 

If you've ever come face-to-face with someone famous and found it a tad overwhelming, then you'll relate to this little boy's reaction to meeting the Queen.

While custom dictates that when you meet Her Majesty one must either bow or curtsey, when nine-year-old Nathan Grant was introduced to the Queen during her visit to UK Children's charity Coram, the suit-clad little boy lowered himself to the floor before crawling away.

And in case you didn't think that exit was quite smooth enough, Nathan also yelled "bye" before disappearing into another room, leaving onlookers in hysterics.

"That's his version of a bow," his adoptive mum, former television present Carrie Grant told Her Majesty.

Later on Twitter, Ms Grant joked about her little one's great escape. "There's always one," she wrote. "Why is it always mine?" 


But Nathan isn't the only child to have found meeting a celebrity just a tad too much.

Who could forget two-year-old Claudia Moser, planking in front of President Obama at the White House in 2015. What was she upset about? According to her mum Laura, just before Obama walked into the room, the two-year-old was informed that no, she couldn't take her clothes off and wear a sheet. Look, we feel her pain. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable.

Closer to home, there's also this infamous photo of a child less than impressed with former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit to his school, which had many Aussies saying "same."

Of course, not even Royal kids, schooled in tradition and well practised at the art of meeting dignitaries, greet famous people without a hitch. Photos of Prince George leaving Canadian President Justin Trudeau's high-five hanging, had the world chuckling back in 2016.