My dad still does it: David Campbell's defence of parents kissing children on lips

Jimmy Barnes with son David and grandson Leo.
Jimmy Barnes with son David and grandson Leo. Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Barnes

The internet puckered up and planted one on the topic of parents kissing their kids again recently. It's really hard for most of us to read this without steam coming out of our ears, but let me break it down for you.

First, Victoria Beckham posted a gorgeous picture on Instagram of David kissing his daughter Harper. The caption reads, "The Best Daddy". The comments are, well, I am at a loss to even find a sensible reason to try and understand them, they are bizarre.

"Don't kiss your daughter on the lips". "David... it's pretty weird". "Lips are for couples".

I could go on. Thankfully there are more who defend this practice than don't.  The photo is completely innocent. In fact I think it's beautiful modelling of how to behave as a parent, one who is open with their feelings. I believe this projects emotional strength and allows Harper to feel safe and loved.


The best daddy💕 @davidbeckham #HarperSeven X

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We need to stop projecting onto other parents (whether they captained England or not) our own insecurities or baggage. Love can be many different things. I think it's important to surround our children with as much love as they need, so when they do go out into the world, and realise love can become something completely different, they can hopefully recognise when love comes from a pure and stable place.

Apparently, Fathers kissing their kids can also be politicised.

Also last week, a photo of former Vice President Joe Biden kissing his grown son Hunter surfaced on Twitter, with a right wing Television host captioning, "Does this look like an appropriate Father/son interaction to you?"

Leaving politics out of it, let me answer this.


Yes. What is wrong with the guy posting this? I know it's probably for political gain in a hyper partisan environment. However, from a parental point of view? Of course it is.

My father is a Rock and Roll Icon who still kisses me on the lips every time I see him..... and I AM 47 YEARS OLD!

We need to knock this off. In a world where we are complaining that no one communicates like we used to, we are all too engrossed in our phones and are starving ourselves of human contact. Yet when we see it in front of us, it either icks us out or we want to hold it up to the world and say "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??"

Kissing in families is normal. In many cultures kissing strangers hello and goodbye on multiple cheeks is also acceptable. Get over it.


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Doesn't matter if you are a Veep, a Captain or just a regular Dad, don't hide your emotions from your kids. Raise them to know what love is. Raise them to be not the sort of people who comment on photos of famous people showing affection because they were not shown any.