'Potato chips and wine': Naomi Watts gets real about parenting in 2020

Picture: Instagram
Picture: Instagram 

She may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but Naomi Watts has revealed she is every parent trying to make it through 2020. 

In an interview with Hamptons magazine, the actor opened up about the affect the tumultuous year was having on her sons Sasha, 13 and Kai, 11, who she shares with fellow actor Liev Schreiber.

Describing the year as a "constant ride on the nervous system" that had pushed her anxiety through the roof, Watts said she shared the struggle many parents have faced between trying to be a "super mum" and finding a few moments for herself.

As well as how a little comfort food has helped her cope when it all gets too much. 

"Nothing feels completely consistent, and it is very hard to sustain certain things. I started off so well and on a good diet and a good exercise regimen, and then you get, like, a little bit bored and you want to get the potato chips and the wine out...," she told Hamptons.

"Sometimes you feel like you're a supermum—baking cake, playing board games and teaching them how to use the vacuum cleaner; you're just fully on top of it. And other times you're like, 'Oh God, just let me hand them the devices and let me get done what I need to do,' you know?"

"That's just the reality, and you have to forgive yourself on the days that you need to take that time for yourself and create that space."


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But the biggest struggle, she said, was trying to navigate explaining the pandemic to her sons, who were old enough to understand a little of the pandemic, but not quite ready for all the facts.


While she said there had been "beautiful, simple moments with the family", there had also been bad days with the kids "not quite understanding".

"You know, my kids are at the age where you don't want them to be sitting in front of the news and absorbing all the dark, ugly facts of everything, but they're too old to hide everything," she said.

"But they get frustrated. So it's a tough thing for everyone to navigate. But you just find your way along."

Watts has been vocal on social media about her frustrations during 2020, even sharing a film still from The Book of Henry, showing her flipping the bird to to the camera, next to a box of Life brand cereal, captioning it 'from me to you, 2020'. 

As well as a calender collage of photos of herself, starting in January with a red carpet shot, and moving through a series of dishevelled looking film stills as the months progressed, photos of her washing pile and TikTok dances with her kids, captioned 'Just trying to stay relevant'.