Rachel Zoe blasts critics of her son's long hair ‘Please unfollow me'

Photo: Rachel Zoe / Instagram
Photo: Rachel Zoe / Instagram 

Rachel Zoe has been on the leading edge of what's fashionable for the best part of twenty years. It beggars belief then, than anyone would try to criticise her youngest son's personal style choices.

The fashion designer and stylist, who has styled stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Keira Knightley and Demi Moore, spoke to PEOPLE about the flak she and her son Kaius Jagger, 5, have received on her Instagram account for his long locks.

"A few days ago, someone said something like, 'You know, Rachel, I think at this point your kids are old enough to where they're going to start being made fun of for their long hair. You should really cut it and be nice to your sons,' " she recounted.

"I responded with, 'Please unfollow me.' "

The caftan queen and founder of The Zoe Project also shares another son - Skyler Morrison, 8 - with husband Rodger Berman.

She says that Kaius is proud of his voluminous mane, which is the very image of Rachel's own hair in her youth.

"For the record, my son thinks he has cool surfer hair. At the end of the day, it's not like I'm torturing him. He loves his hair. He thinks it's cool."

"I think anyone who takes the time to insult someone's child is pretty much a horrific human being," she opined, adding that she "can't wrap her head around" people who criticise children on social media.

While the solution for some in the public eye is a strict 'no post policy' when it comes to photos of their children - like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Anna Paquin and Anne Hathaway - Zoe feels that for her, that wouldn't be true to who she is.

"My kids and my work are my life," she said. "If you don't see my kids, I'm not sharing a huge part of my life with my followers. I'm pretty obsessed with them."


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