'So inspiring': Nine-year-old double amputee walks New York Fashion Week

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty 

Aged just nine years old, Daisy-May Demetre has been modelling with prosthetic limbs for two years, and she has just made history by being the first child double amputee to walk New York's Fashion Week catwalk.

Enlisted by children's clothing brand LuLu et GiGi, "Daisy-May was born with fibular hemimelia, a rare condition in which all or part of the fibular bone in the leg is missing, and was forced to have both of her legs amputated [at 18 months]," explained Popsugar.

"I feel proud of myself," she told CBS News in an interview. Fearless and formidable, it was clear to her dad Alex from the start, that she was capable of far more than doctors told him she would be.

He recounted the humble beginnings of her modelling career. "It just so happened on the TV pops up a disabled modelling agency."He asked Daisy-May, "Do you want to be a supermodel?"

She replied, "Yes!"

Of his accomplished daughter, Alex said, "Daisy's a special, unique child doing stuff all the doctors told me would never really be possible."

Daisy and her dad are incredibly close, with the dad and daughter duo going to the gym together regularly. He credits his daughter for inspiring him on a very personal level, telling ITV last year that her journey has helped him to stop 'drinking and gambling.'

"She has inspired me personally and due to her operations it was very traumatic, I turned to drink and gambling to take my mind away from thinking about the future. But watching her fight back has got me to stop drinking and gambling, not by seeing a professional but seeing how inspiring she is."


Lead designer at LuLu et GiGi, Enikö Hegedüs-Buiron, immediately observed that Daisy was an extra-special person, choosing her as a brand ambassador for her fashion label.

She said, "I want people to see that beauty is not one-sided. It's a multi-faceted thing."

CBS journalist Jericka Duncan asked Daisy-May, "What advice do you have to children like yourself?"

"Just never give up, and just do what you can do," the youngster replied.

It's just another string to Daisy's bow, having walked the catwalk at London Kids Fashion Week in April, where she had the opportunity to show off her athleticism.

Her endeavours don't stop with modelling either. Daisy is also an advocate for fellow amputees, having recently been a speaker for Steel Bones, am advocacy organisation for amputees.

We suspect this is far from the last time we'll see Daisy strutting the catwalk in her inimitable style. Get ready for supermodel stardom, Daisy!