The baker that said no to Chris Hemsworth comes forward

Tara recalls the moment she said no to Chris Hemsworth.
Tara recalls the moment she said no to Chris Hemsworth. Photo: Instagram@elsapatakyconfidential/@byronbaycakeboutique

Earlier this week we saw Chris Hemsworth's amazing dinosaur cake he made for his daughter's fourth-birthday.

A local Byron Bay baker had told the Thor actor she was too busy, so he made it himself.

Now, the baker has come forward, writing a hilarious article for Mamamia describing the moment she realised, it was, in fact her that turned the actor away.

Baker Tara Pearson, from Byron Bay Cake Boutique, said she had an extremely busy week at work with a baby shower, two weddings, three birthdays and her own daughter's birthday party – there wasn't time.


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A friend had tagged her in a photo of Hemsworth's dinosaur cake, saying, "Tara Pearson to the rescue!"

At first the cake seemed familiar, but the baker dismissed it. That is, until she sat down for a wine on Sunday night after a successful birthday party.

"My mind turned back to that dinosaur cake. It was sooooo familiar… then it hit me.

"OMG!! It WAS me! I had actually spoken to Chris Hemsworth on the phone and I said 'No' to him."


"He didn't say who he was, which I think is wonderful and so refreshing – a celebrity as well-known as Chris Hemsworth. Even when I said no."


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This isn't the first time the Hemsworth family has shied away from using their celebrity status to get ahead.

Last month it was revealed celebrity parents, Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky, submitted an application for a long day care centre in Northern NSW.

A spokesperson from the centre revealed the family hadn't offered any money to skip the queue.