'The love of my life': Kerri-Anne Kennerley's husband John dies, aged 78

Kerrie-Anne Kennerley and her husband John in 2009.
Kerrie-Anne Kennerley and her husband John in 2009. Photo: Penny Stephens

Kerri-Anne Kennerley's husband John has died, the television personality has confirmed.

Sharing a photo of their wedding day on Instagram, Kerri-Anne wrote in the caption it was with "a heavy heart and awful sadness" that she confirmed her husband had died in the night.

"John passed away peacefully with his son Simon and me by his side," she wrote.

John and Kerri-Anne Kennerley at their Woollahra home in 2013.
John and Kerri-Anne Kennerley at their Woollahra home in 2013. Photo: Marco Del Grande

"John, you were the love of my life."

The 78-year-old died after years of tough health challenges, following a serious fall in 2016 that left him paralysed from the neck down.

John had slipped from a balcony at a golf resort in Coffs Harbour in March that year, landing on his head and back and fracturing his C2 and C3 vertebrae.

"As you all know, John has faced some tremendous challenges over the past few years and with each he has been extraordinarily brave and determined to overcome those hurdles and live a normal life," Kerri-Anne wrote on Instagram on Thursday morning.

"I want to thank everyone at St Vincent’s Hospital for the beautiful care they have provided to John in his last days."


Network 10's chief executive Paul Anderson said the network offered its deepest sympathies to Kerri-Anne and John's son Simon.

"John faced some enormous challenges over the last few years and during this time, Kerri-Anne, in her usual grace and stamina, has shown enormous strength, compassion, love and commitment," Mr Anderson said in a statement.

"Our thoughts are with Kerri-Anne, Simon and their family during this difficult time."

Kerri-Anne, who married John in 1984, opened up about her family's struggle in the November after John's fall.

"I hate this new life to be quite frank. I hate it. It's just awful," she said in an interview on Seven's Sunday Night.

"If I could rub Aladdin's lamp or get a magic wand, I want my old life back and I want my husband back.

"I have my husband, we're just different now," she said.

John was in hospital for nine months after the fall and the couple's Woollhara home had to be substantially altered to adjust to their new life, as Kerri-Anne wrote in 2017.

"The big king-size bed we both adored so much ... is now pushed to the side of the room to accommodate John's hospital bed," she wrote.

"Many of my huge clothes drawers have also been given over to medical equipment and supplies: blood-pressure machines, thermometers, catheter kits, tubes, nightgowns, fibreglass moulds…"

In 2017, John was at at Kerri-Anne's side when she was presented the Hall of Fame Logie.