Victoria and David Beckham ‘barely talking' at a social event is completely normal

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham arrive at the The British Fashion Awards 2018.
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham arrive at the The British Fashion Awards 2018. Photo: Joel C Ryan/AP

OPINION: Various media outlets are reporting that Victoria and David Beckham were 'barely talking' at the British Fashion Awards on December 10. It's a speculative claim, based purely on the fact the Posh and Becks weren't all over each other all night and conversed enthusiastically with fellow guests.

Shock horror that two people who've spent untold hours together in the past 22 years and share four children, would actually be interested in talking to others! In my experience at least - because I can relate just so much to a couple worth an estimated $865 million - this is completely normal.

My husband has seen me at my very worst and also at my best. We have had three children together, whom we parent together every day and every night, before collapsing into bed and watching an episode of Ozark or Better Call Saul. On the odd occasion we get out to an actual gathering, we are quite literally hungry for the company of others.

Make no mistake; we are joined with invisible thread. We are aware of where the other is and who they're talking to - not in a creepy or jealous way, just in a 'we've-been-together-a-million-years-and-can-almost-read-your-mind' way - but love the different conversations offered up by the wonderful people around us.

We don't want to talk about our mundanities and I pointedly steer conversations away from the kids. We want to hear their stories, their perspective and take away that little piece of magic that contact with another person can deliver.

David and Victoria have provided endless fodder over the years, for those intent on characterising their marriage as a farce of economic, high-profile convenience. Together they are a powerhouse of physical beauty, charisma and realised talent. Their skills and attributes, along with their four children, sons Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 13, and daughter Harper, 7, would have to comprise the most perfect celebrity package there is.

I have little doubt it's a carefully-constructed image, one that's probably designed with the family's privacy in mind - in order to keep the public at arm's length from the living, breathing, feeling humans behind the juggernaut of the family brand. Even so, they occasionally slip up, with David reportedly in a little hot water over a comment he made during his visit to Australia in October on TV show The Sunday Project.

"But to be married for the amount of time that we have, it's always hard work, everybody knows that but you make it work."

To most of us, it's just the truth. It doesn't matter how wealthy or famous you are, everyone has to work on their relationships. And not spending every second glued to each other at a social event is completely normal for many couples who are also 'not on the rocks.'

Perhaps the fact that they've given each other the space to be individuals is the secret to their enduring marriage. Each has carved out their own exceptionally lucrative niche; David with his soccer, philanthropy and endorsements, and Victoria pivoting from Spice Girls fame, to WAG, to accomplished fashion designer.

If people want to believe they gave each other the cold shoulder on awards night, then so be it. Maybe, just maybe, someone forgot to put the bins out or pack the dishwasher. Maybe they were simply happy to socialise with others.

We'll probably never know, and we should be fine with that.