'We can do this guys': Hamish Blake's 'perfect' school shutdown curriculum

Instagram/Hamish Blake
Instagram/Hamish Blake 

Worried about how you're going to keep your kids entertained, educated and fed if schools close around the country during the coronavirus pandemic?

Never fear, comedian Hamish Blake, father of Sonny, five, and Rudy, two, has it covered. 

"We may soon see schools closed and have our kids at home," the 38-year-old posted to Instagram on Monday. "Luckily I have worked from home for a few years so can utilise what I've learnt about daily structure to create a perfect stay-at-home curriculum for my son."

As you can see, it's out with maths, in with "what's for lunch?" debates (commencing at 10 am) and ultimately, deferring to Seinfield.


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Inviting other mums and dads to borrow his curriculum, Blake continued, "We can do this guys, when you break the day down into little achievable pieces it's not too hard. Stay safe."

And parents are loving it.

"Not sure how he got my lesson plans for the week," one person wrote.

"Just pop a bit of "rest and relaxation" (formerly known as silent reading) in there after lunch ..." said another.


"As a teacher I think I'll be sending out your daily curriculum to all of my parents," one commenter added.

"I need to Billy Maddison myself and go back to this school," one man added.

Meanwhile, other parents have also shared their coronavirus schedules.
"We will survive and watch too much tv," wrote Dr Jennie Weiner. "Judge me all you want."
Jennifer McGee's is also a cracker:

This Brisbane mum has it sorted:


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And hat's off to Aussie author Jessica Dettmann's very clever nine-year-old daughter for devising her own epic schedule, which includes abstract art, naps, burpees and yoga.