7 reasons why the dab is a fad I can embrace

 Photo: Getty Images

This year will always go down as the year my son started school - and the year the dab entered my home.

No idea what I'm talking about? Well, allow me to explain.

For the uninitiated, basically dabbing is a dance move or "playful gesture". Take a look at Betty White whose dabbing technique is second to none.

The dab has been around since about 2010, and has appeared everywhere from the sports field to politics.

Here's Hilary Clinton having a dab on Ellen. Her technique isn't quite as sharp as Betty's though.

While I rolled my eyes - and still do occasionally  - when the dab first appeared in my house, I have to admit, as far as fads go, it's one of the better ones.

Allow me to explain:


1. Dabs don't get lost

Unlike those blasted fidget spinners, you can't lose a dab. You can't leave it at football training, it won't be "acquired" by a school mate or sibling, and you won't need to rush back to the park to search for it after driving halfway home.

2. They're free

Much like Jennifer Lopez's love, dabs don't cost a thing. This conveniently means everyone can have one, not just the kids who've managed to wear their parents down with pester power. Dabs are an equal opportunity fad - no one misses out. (You get a dab, you get a dab. Everyone gets a dab!)

3. They're functionally useful

It's winter and that means you and yours are probably either recovering from, or in the throes of, a nasty cold.  Here's where the dab really comes into its own. Last year, a clever school Principal from Ohio, identified that rather than just being an annoyance, the dab could, in fact, be a useful way to ward off nasty bacteria. An image that went viral, but not bacterial (sorry), shows him, mid-dab, along with the slogan: 

Don't Spread Germs This Winter.

Destroy (D) All (A) Bacteria (B) - When you sneeze.


4. They don't create clutter

Unlike fidget spinners, plastic bottles and tiny multi-coloured pieces of plastic (Woolies Marvel discs I'm looking at you), dabs do not create clutter or contribute to landfill. They're environmentally friendly, if you will.

5. They're safe

Look, you might not want to execute a dab in a china shop but relatively speaking, as fads go, dabbing is one of the safest options. Unlike fidget spinners, dabs won't be recalled, they won't result in a trip to emergency due to swallowed parts, and they're borax free, unlike slime, so won't give you second and third-degree burns. Winning.

6. They're kind of adorable

Okay let me clarify. A dabbing teen, such as the 17-year-old congressman's son who dabbed during his dad's swearing in ceremony, (see below) might not be the epitome of awwww.

On the contrary, however, a group of dabbing kindergarten kids, thrilled because they're doing something the "big kids" do, is pretty freaking cute. 

7. They're an easy way to embarrass your child

If your child is a little older than primary school-aged and no longer thinks dabbing is cool, then this one is for you. There's nothing more embarrassing than a dabbing parent.

Take Jeremy Clarkson, for example:

I know every dab has its day, and it won't be long before a new fad enters my home. But for now, I'm A-OK with this fad sticking around for just a little bit longer.