'Adulting school' is here for all your life-knowledge gaps

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The next time you find yourself tossing up the benefit of nagging your kids to help set the table versus simply doing it yourself, try to persevere - it might just keep them out of Adulting School later in life.

Adulting School? Yep, it's a thing.

Based in Maine, Portland, The Adulting School runs events designed to help grownups fill life-knowledge gaps. Think budgeting, cooking, getting out of debt and even folding a fitted sheet. (Sign us up for that one, please.)

And its tagline? "Come here instead of calling your parents."

Co-founder Rachel Weinstein says she came up with the idea through her psychotherapy practice, where she encountered many millennial clients struggling with their transition to adulthood.


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"You know, when you see 10 people feeling like they're the only one, and they're all struggling with the same thing, you think, let's get these people together so they can learn this stuff and not feel so isolated and ashamed," Weinstein told NPR.


Adulting School Attendee and business school graduate Carly Bouchard, 29, described herself as a "financial cripple".

"I'm still a dolt," she said. "Not an 'A-dult' - a dolt - when it comes to my finances."


When you want ice cream, but you don't want to do any dishes....#plasticspoon

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And she's not alone. 

For 32-year-old Lindsay Rowe Scala, finances are also a significant stressor as she strives both to save and to pay off debt.

"In job interviews, they're always asking 'Where do you want to see yourself in five years?'" she said. "And I never know how to answer that because I'm always thinking on how to survive today and next week and what's coming up."

Along with its fans, however,  the school is drawing its fair share of criticism, too. "If you need to learn something under this Portland umbrella definition of adulting, the most adult thing you can do is just to do it," writes Tess Koman in Cosmopolitan.

"Don't blame your education or our generation - just do it. In the founders' own words, 'you're smart and capable', and you will find a way. You can read. You can Google."

Whether or not you agree with the idea, for us parents, it's certainly a reminder that our job as mums and dads includes arming our kids with the skills and knowledge they'll need to navigate life the universe and everything, someday, on their own.

And that's a responsibility we need to take seriously.

Want to find out your adulting IQ? Take their quiz here.