'All in this together': neighbours create adorable 'quarantine' zoo for kids


With the coronavirus pandemic forcing school closures and keeping us indoors, it's becoming harder and harder to entertain our kids.

But communities around the world are rising to the challenge, coming up with unique and creative ways to ensure our youngsters don't miss out.

Neighbours in Oregon in the US, banded together (from a safe distance!) to make their own driveway zoo.

And the adorable photos have gone viral.

"I have two daughters who are four and two," mum Kelsey Jordan tells Essential Kids. "It's been a whirlwind working from home as a school counsellor, creating preschool curriculum, and trying to keep them entertained."

Ms Jordan says her eldest daughter, who loves animals, kept asking if they could visit their local zoo.

"She even watches Nat Geo Wild Animal 101 every night before bed," she explains. "I wanted to continue fostering her love and knowledge of animals so I said, 'Hey, why don't we make our own zoo?'"

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook


The mum created a neighbourhood Facebook page with her friend Jamie taylor, and spread the word. "Half of our entire neighbourhood participated!" she says. "Each driveway zoo was unique and they all had great facts for the kids! Even people without children participated and really enjoyed it!"

There's even a cheeky plea to #FreeJoe.

And yep that looks like Baby Shark in a tree.

According to Ms Jordan, their community in Lucas County is getting "pretty close to our peak."
We have been on a stay at home order for about a month with all schools, and most businesses closed," she said.
The mum says she has been "blown away" by the response to their zoo, not only from their own community, but all over the world.
"It really has shown me that we are all in this together."
Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook Photos: Facebook / Jaime Taylor and Kelsey Jordan