Baby teeth - the newest, and weirdest, perfume scent

 Photo: Getty Images

You're designing a new fragrance. Do you go with something floral, something light and fresh? Maybe a fruitier scent, something a little sweeter, is more to your liking.

Not if you're perfumer and makeup artist Serge Lutens, you don't.

Lutens' latest perfume "Dent de Lait" which mean "baby teeth" in French, is designed to evoke the smell of losing your baby teeth.

What exactly does that smell like? Thankfully someone has already tested it out for us.

According to Kathleen Hou at The Cut, the fragrance smells like "a warm, powdery, milky hard candy you might have received as a child from a grandma or great-aunt."

So it tastes like childhood, right? That's not too bad.


As Ms Hou explains, "at the very tail end of the fragrance, you get a metallic tinge, not unlike the sharpness you might feel in your mouth if the dental hygienist poked too intensely at a tender spot."


Hmm ... we might pass.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that the ad for the fragrance is even stranger than the concept of eau de Baby Teeth itself. 

The black and white clip features children using the old strings-tied-to-doorknobs method to remove their wobbly teeth. It's extremely dramatic, includes lines such as, "It was an age when you should be able to distinguish between Good and Evil ... and to know your friends from your enemies?" - and a random cameo from Lego Batman.


There's also a long piece of string, extending down a garden path into ... adulthood? Loss of innocence? It's unclear. I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day trying to decipher exactly what it is Monsieur Lutens is trying to say.


Intrigued? Horrified? A must-have scent to add to your collection?

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