Backstreet Boy Howie D is back with a kids album

Backstreet's (kind of) back with a kid's album.
Backstreet's (kind of) back with a kid's album. Photo: Instagram


Here's some news bound to make you feel old: father-of-two and Backstreet Boy Howie D is releasing an album you and your kids can bop along to.

Which One Am I?, available on 12 July, promises "musical reflections" of the singer's own childhood, and features his 10-year-old son, James. Howie, 45, is also dad to six-year-old Holden, whom he shares with wife Leigh Boniello.

​"Once I started a family, my priorities changed," Howie told Red Tricycle ."Having two boys, I am constantly entertaining them at home and singing Backstreet Boys music around them." 

"Then one day it hit me … I was noticing kids coming to Backstreet Boys shows with their parents who have been longtime fans. Why not make an album to cater to the new generation of BSB fans as well as their parents who have been supporters throughout the years?"


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On Instagram, Howie added: "I wanted to make an album that James, Holden and I could all rock out to together.

"Believe me, they've been rocking out."

Howie said the goal of Which One Am I? is to remind people that "no matter what they're going through, they can emerge victorious". 


"I especially want kids who listen to the music to come away knowing that everything that happens teaches you how to develop into the person you were meant to be."

The album's recently released single, No Hablo Español, taps into Howie's mixed-race heritage and the challenges he faced as a child as everyone assumed he spoke Spanish because of his appearance.

Along with son James, the video clip also stars his mother, Paula Flores Dorough. 

It's a busy time for the musician who has just completed the European leg of the Backstreet Boys' DNA World Tour.


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 And if you're ready to feel truly ancient, their hit song, "I Want it That Way" recently celebrated its 20th anniversary .

You can pre-order Howie's family album here.