Barbie has a last name - and no one can deal

The internet has just discovered Barbie's last name.
The internet has just discovered Barbie's last name. Photo: Instagram

Last week, on Siblings Day, as brothers and sisters shared loving and not-so-loving snaps of themselves on social media, toy giant Mattel casually let everyone know that Barbie - THE iconic Barbie - has a surname.

And it's Roberts.

(Yes, that's a young Mila Kuis).

"Happy Siblings Day from the Roberts sisters," said the official Barbie Twitter account, like it was no big deal at all.

Unlike Cher, Beyonce and Madonna, Barbie has not one but two names. And people collectively lost their minds.

Some even demanded proof:


While others requested more information

Some simply didn't know how to feel ...

While others were mind blown that Barbie is short for Barbara ...

According to Barbie's Wikipedia page, (and her Instagram account) her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.


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She has three sisters, Chelsea, Stacie, and Skipper.

Barbie and Ken, whose last name is Carson, split in 2004. Here they are cooking together a few weeks ago, however, so perhaps there's a reunion afoot?


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And, if you feel you can cope with one last piece of Barbie-related trivia - well, she just celebrated her 59th birthday.