'Best investment ever': Dad shares simple trick for helping son read more books


A US father has revealed the two tricks he uses to encourage his son to read more books - and it's left the internet divided.

"We pay my oldest $1 every time he reads a book," David Woodland of San Francisco, wrote on Twitter. "We're talking 160 page chapter books. I'm out $120 this year and he thinks he's ripping me off. Best investment ever.

"The second trick is: he has a strict bedtime, but can stay up late if he is reading books," Mr Woodland added.

But not everyone agreed with the tactic, with many suggesting it would create bad habits.


Others, however, shared that a similar idea had also worked for them.

In an updated tweet, Mr Woodland admitted that he didn't realise "encouraging reading" would be such a controversial topic.

"He's a great kid and thrives in academics and sports," he said. " More importantly, he's a loving older brother/friend/son. I am proud to be his dad. Don't worry about my kid! He will be okay!"