Check your attic: Polly Pockets are selling for crazy prices

Check your attic! Your Polly Pocket toys might be worth some money.
Check your attic! Your Polly Pocket toys might be worth some money. Photo: Instagram

If you're a child of the 80s, chances are you had a Polly Pocket or two. Those teeny-tiny dolls and their pastel-coloured cases were all the rage back in the day.  And, as it turns out, they've since become quite the collectors' item - with some sets worth quite a bit of money.

Not all Pollys are created equal, however. Vintage sets, those made before Mattel took over from British company Bluebird Toys in 1998, are hot property. And, according to eBay, there are steps you can follow to ensure you're getting the real deal, (if you're a collector), or to determine if your sets are worth some money (if you want to make some cash).

It's all down to the detail. "Polly Pocket toys get their name from their diminutive sizes; they are small enough to fit into a pocket," eBay notes. "Vintage Polly Pocket dolls are less than 1-inch tall and made of hard plastic. They typically come with a small themed case that resembles a powder compact."

Here's one from 1993:

When Mattel took charge, they changed the design, making the dolls bigger and more "lifelike" and getting rid of their trademark hinges (which you can see on the doll below). They also gave them removable clothes and accessories as well as "soft hair".

If you manage to find one of your old kits stashed away in the attic or in your parents' shed, how much can you expect to get for it?  Well, it depends. It's the pre-Mattel, Bluebird sets that collectors want, (there are 350 in total), with unopened ones fetching the highest prices.

Take a look at some of those on offer, including rarer items and those you might just have gathering dust:

Alternatively, round up all the sets you can find and sell them in bulk:

Although the dolls are no longer being produced, if you're suddenly feeling nostalgic, or you want to introduce your kids to the joys of Polly, there's a website and an animated series - because of course there is.