‘Child sex doll’ removed from sale

The "Child-sized" sex doll that has been removed from the Chinese website's listing.
The "Child-sized" sex doll that has been removed from the Chinese website's listing. Photo: DHgate

Disgusted by a child-size sex doll for sale on a Chinese e-commerce site, a group of facebook activists have campaigned to have it withdrawn from sale.

DH gate had already sold 57 of the sex dolls, which look like an Asian girl of about 8-10 years old, before international condemnation prompted the site’s operators to remove the listing. 

Described as a “beautiful young girl sex doll for men,” an ad for the item boasted that the doll was “highly flexible”, with “three holes available for use.”

A price tag of $178 has not deterred 57 customers from US, UK, Japan and Germany purchasing the creepy sex toys.

The campaign to ban the dolls was spearheaded by Dining With Dignity, who created a Social media blitz to drive awareness of the issue.

The outrage over the petite sex doll comes at the same time as it is revealed that police have arrested 348 suspects around the world in a child pornography investigation, including 65 Australians.

Although some critics of the Dining with Dignity campaign claim that the doll is harmless and may even prevent abuse of real children, a longitudinal study of 341 convicted child molesters in America found that pornography's use correlated significantly with their rate of sexually re-offending.