Children's area of Sydney shopping precinct 'vandalised' as parents watched on

The children's area at The Cannery, Rosebery was vandalised on Saturday.
The children's area at The Cannery, Rosebery was vandalised on Saturday. Photo: Facebook

A Sydney business has taken to Facebook to share images of their dedicated children's space which was vandalised over the weekend.

In a post on Monday, The Cannery Rosebery, a revamped warehouse space located in inner-sydney, which features restaurants, bars and shops, uploaded photos of damage caused between 5 and 6pm on Saturday.

"Our children's area was vandalised," they wrote. "All the tiles were ripped up, tables overturned, every crayon and pencil broken into pieces, with the cushions and books damaged."

The incident was captured on CCTV, with Cannery staff noting that the damage was done as parents stood watching. "I am sure these parents would not allow this to occur in their own homes".

Explaining that they anticipated the area would be respected as a children's community space, the Cannery wrote," We are so disappointed that this has happened and has called into question whether we can continue to keep the space dedicated for children."

The business has received an outpouring of support with many offering to help rebuild the area.
"Make the parents pay for the damage caused," said one mum. "This is an important space and one I'm happy to help redevelop."
Another shared that her husband had witnessed the vandalism taking place.
"My husband actually mentioned to me about this when he dropped by at the Cannery," she wrote. "He said the parents stood there while the kids acted like animals gone wild. It's such a shame because we have friends with little kids used that spot. I believe those parents should pay for the damages."
Others suggested the Cannery post images of the parents. "It's a small community, we'll know who they are soon enough," one commenter wrote.
A follow-up post from the business went on to explain that "the families in question have reached out privately to take ownership and apologise".
A spokesperson from the Cannery also told Essential Kids that they felt the space was particularly important in the colder months to help support local families.
"In saying that however, with the expense involved and if it is not appreciated then businesses like ours feel like we need to reassess having areas like this."
While the space remains open for now, it wouldn't be the first business to close its doors to children. 
In October last year, Sydney "Brow Queen" Kristin Fisher, raised some (very well-groomed) eyebrows by banning children from her Double Bay and Rosebery beauty salons.

"This is a very hard post for me because I hate upsetting people and I feel this may do just that, but we have no other option," she wrote at the time. "We are imposing a new rule that clients must not bring children or babies to their appointments."

Ms Fisher explained that in recent times, she and her staff had had up to 10 children in the salon at one time "all unattended, whilst their mothers get treatments done".

"It simply isn't fair to the other clients who have come solo, who for them this is their monthly treat/splurge and want some peace and quiet whilst they have their brows or lashes done," she said. 

Rather than banning children entirely, a New Zealand salon chose to hike its kids prices to cope with damage inflicted by unsupervised children, including tools dropped and broken, scissors chipped, magazines ripped and their eftpos machine used as toy.  .

"All this while the parent or guardian sits there on there phone while we're struggling trying to cut the siblings' hair," said salon owner Jess Hirst. "We also find ourselves in an awkward position having to ask the parent or guardian to please sort their child out."