COVID safe Santa: Mark McGowan gives man in red exemption to travel to WA for Christmas

McGowan assured worried kids Santa can still visit.
McGowan assured worried kids Santa can still visit. Photo: Twitter/ Facebook

Western Australia's borders may be closed to the rest of the country, but Premier Mark McGowan has assured concerned kids that he'll make a special exception for Santa to visit.

McGowan addressed the issue after worried children Isabelle and Millie, wrote to him concerned over the impact of COVID-19 on the most exciting time of the year. The girls were concerned Santa would be more susceptible to COVID-19, being in the "high risk" category - presumably due to his age and the size of that jolly belly. 

Thankfully McGowan confirmed the big man in red is COVID safe and won't need to quarantine for 14 days, allowing him to deliver gifts restriction free.

Santa will be visiting WA, despite the restrictions.

Santa will be visiting WA, despite the restrictions. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"It is very important that Santa delivers presents at Christmas time and I would not do anything to stop him," McGowan wrote in the letter. "Santa spreads happiness and cheer all over the world, which is something that we all need this year."

"Santa has magic powers that I'm sure will help him travel the world safely and in good health," he continued, before assuring the girls he will "make sure this message is sent to the North Pole so Santa can plan accordingly".

The girls' mother Tammy, posted the letter to Facebook, thanking the Premier for keeping the holiday spirit alive.

"My girls really appreciated their personal reply and acknowledgement of their letters," she wrote on the post, with others also appreciating McGowan's promise.

McGowan addressed the pressing issue in a letter.

McGowan addressed the pressing issue in a letter. Photo: Facebook


"He's such a sweetheart! Taking the time to answer these letters is awesome!!" one person commented.

"How wonderful for these girls to get a reply to their letter," another gushed. "Christmas is a magical time and it's still going to be this year too."

It is not the first time the WA Premier also assured kids their much-loved celebrations would not be marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. In April he confirmed the Easter Bunny was also be "eggsempt" from border restrictions in order to deliver chocolate eggs.

"I am very happy to announce, I've just signed a special eggs-emption for the Easter Bunny," he wrote.

"This means the Easter Bunny can still come to WA and visit all our family and friends next weekend."