'Dad bod' isn't the only parenting-related word to make it into the dictionary

Jason Segel rocking a dad bod in <i>Forgetting Sarah Marshall</i>.
Jason Segel rocking a dad bod in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Photo: YouTube

Along with sext, hangry, friendiversary and man bun, two of the 300 words added to Dictionary.com in its latest update, have a parenting-related flavour - and we approve.

First up: Dabbing.

"The act of performing a dance move that involves posing with one's nose in the crook of a bent elbow at chest level while extending the other arm to the side at or above shoulder level, often as a celebratory posture in sports or other competitions."

Yep, that odd dance move you've probably seen your kids doing has made it into the dictionary. Truth be told it was more of 2016 thing - and has since become a little passé after the older folks caught on ...

Hilary Clinton, for example, dabbed on Ellen:

JLo and Jimmy Fallon had a dab:

​And Betty White did too:

You may also be familiar with the bottle flip + dab combo, as demonstrated by these lovely ladies:

Yep, 2016 was an odd year ...

The second Dictionary.com addition you'll no doubt be familiar with is: Dad bod.


The term "dad bod" entered our vernacular in 2015 when Mackenzie Pearson penned an essay for Odyssey, "Why Girls Love the Dad Bod". In it, she said that the dad bod is a nice balance between "a beer gut and working out". 

She writes, "The dad bod says, 'I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time'."

It's a little less Zac Efron, a little more Seth Rogen - 

And we love it.

There's even been a push for a dad bod Ken doll ... 

Other highlights from the full list include:

  • 420
  • alt-right
  • cat café
  • cheat day
  • clicktivist
  • cold brew​
  • K-pop
  • lightsaber
  • man bun
  • mic drop
  • slay​
  • superfood
  • teachable moment

Oh, and we quite like this one too ...