Do you have the stomach for this new wedding trend?

Pizza bouquets are here - and they'll make your day extra delicious.
Pizza bouquets are here - and they'll make your day extra delicious. Photo: Facebook

If you're a bride-to-be and you love pizza, then the latest in wedding trends will have you ditching your floral Pinterest boards. That's because pizza bouquets are here, fresh from the oven - and we are so here for this.

Villa Italian Kitchen alerted us to this delicious trend via a Facebook post, where they announced a giveaway for a lucky, pizza-loving couple.

"Ready to say 'Pie Do'" they wrote. "We're excited to launch the world's first Pizza Bouquet & Boutonniere giveaway! The perfect accessory for any blushing bride or dashing groom, our custom pizza arrangements will add a stylish (and yummy!) highlight to your special day."

Apparently these flower-free bouquets are made from "freshly prepared pizza dough, 100 per cent whole milk mozzarella, fresh California tomatoes and zesty pepperoni."

Now despite the fact that there are obvious benefits (snacks on hand during the post ceremony photographs), there's also a clear downside - white gowns and tomato sauce don't exactly mix.
Which is why you'll obviously need a dress to match: 

And a ring:

If you're lamenting the fact that Villa Italian Kitchen isn't an Australian establishment well, don't let it kill your pizza bouquet dreams.

Here are some other drool-worthy creations you can copy, courtesy of Instagram:


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With jumping castles also topping the list of the latest nuptial must-haves, we're holding out for wedding season.