F1 driver Lando Norris debuts unique helmet designed by six-year-old: 'Happy memories'

Image/ Instagram
Image/ Instagram 

Formula One driver Lando Norris has revealed his "super original" helmet for this weekend's British Grand Prix - the handiwork of a very lucky six-year-old girl.

"My helmet design for this weekend!" the McLaren driver wrote on Instagram. "THANK YOU EVA! Eva's six and she created this for my design competition."

Norris, 20, said the colourful drawing reminded him of when he was younger, "scribbling away coming up with some cool things". 

"It's just super original," he said. "Thanks for taking your time designing it Eva. I'll be wearing it all weekend."


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In a clip shared by the official F1 account on Instagram, Norris explained: "I'm a big fan of changing things up with my helmet and expressing myself and just creating cool things. It was meant to be one race at Silverstone to throw it out to the fans. 

Let the fans create some awesome ideas and some awesome designs. And let them choose what I would race in at my home Grand Prix."

Among the thousands of entries, it was Eva's that caught his eye - right down to the adorable detail of the 's' in Norris falling to the bottom of the helmet. 

"She came up with a very original design, one that really brought me back to when I was five, six, seven, when I was creating my own designs and my own helmets. It brought back some cool memories."


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Fans were quick to praise the champion driver for his heartwarming gesture. 

"You just keep on adding to the list of reasons why you're my favourite driver," said one.

"Imagine being able to say you designed an F1 driver's helmet at 6 years old."

"Most unique helmet design in f1 history."

"I love this helmet, it really represents the person you are: simple, humble and sometimes outside of the box. you gotta celebrate it by getting a podium this weekend."