Guess what was living in this boy's knee

Four-year-old Paul Franklin had no idea what was growing inside his knee.
Four-year-old Paul Franklin had no idea what was growing inside his knee. 

A seemingly innocent scrape on the rocks at the beach turned into a rather unusual ordeal for this four-year-old boy from California.

Paul Franklin was playing on the rocks while holidaying with his family at the beach when he cut his knee.

His parents, Ken and Rachael Franklin, cleaned the wound and thought nothing more of it.

"We just cleaned it up and put a band-aid on it," said Mr Franklin.

But Paul's knee soon became swollen and infected.

"I came home from work and his knee was the size of an orange, hot to the touch and he was limping," said Mrs Franklin.

"I'm like OK we just gotta go to urgent care."

After a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics, the wound still hadn't healed.



When Mrs Franklin noticed her son's knee was turning black, she drained the cut and found a rather nasty surprise.

"It looked like a rock ... I put it on the paper towel and I thought, that is a weird looking rock.

"I turn it over and it is a sea snail. I just had to laugh because we are going through this three week ordeal," said Mrs Franklin. 

Paul has grown quite attached to the sea snail that took up residence in his knee and has since adopted him and named his pet Turbo.

Source: Huffington Post