'He was just screaming': Perth mother's warning after shower explodes with son inside

Perth boy injured by exploding glass in shower

Mother Megan Tilbury tells 6PR the same glazier who installed the shower panels had erected a glass fence that had also exploded.


A Perth mother has issued a warning to others after her four-year-old son was seriously injured by exploding glass while he showered in their home on Thursday evening.

Mother Megan Tilbury told Radio 6PR her son, Cruz, was showering in her Dianella home's ensuite shower as she laid out his pyjamas on her bed when she heard the glass panelling around him explode.

Four-year-old Cruz had to have surgery after the glass panels in his home's shower exploded.
Four-year-old Cruz had to have surgery after the glass panels in his home's shower exploded.  Photo: Supplied

"He was just screaming and covered in blood," she said.

"He didn't hit [the glass], there was nothing in the shower with him... it just exploded.

"He got lacerations to both arms, his head and his chest, muscle damage in his arm... the plastic surgeon said he was so lucky that's all that happened."

Ms Tilbury said the shower panels were installed around 18 months ago by the same installer who was responsible for erecting a glass fence outside the family's home which had previously also exploded.  

Other glass panel experts who have inspected the shower since the incident told Ms Tilbury it appeared the installer had not placed brackets between the glass panels and the shower tiles.

"He said there should have been a bracket," she said.


"My sister rang the installer when my son was in surgery... and he sounded remorseful and said he would come out and replace it for free.

"He cleaned it all up and said, 'these things can happen' and that he couldn't replace it for free as it didn't have a warranty."

The Building Commission is investigating the incident, with a spokesman telling Ms Tilbury the incident could have been due to poor workmanship or a faulty product.  

The aftermath of the shower glass exploding.
The aftermath of the shower glass exploding.  Photo: Supplied

The glass company has been contacted for comment.