Hilarious toddler takes down celebrity fashion in viral TikToks: 'Very unsure, 4/10'

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

Celebrities are used to having their fashion choices shot down by everyone from fashion industry heavy weights to armchair critics.

But not by a pint sized girl herself not (likely) out of nappies yet.

One adorable two-year-old has gone viral on TikTok for her astute and brutal takedowns of outfits from Harry Styles to Miley Cyrus.

Posted to her mum Nicole Matt's account, the little girl confidently shares her opinions, giving each outfit a score out of 10 in the hilarious clips.

She's boldly shot down Kim Kardashian - likening a brown jumpsuit to 'poop' and diplomatically described one of Nicki Minaj's outfits as 'interesting'. 

One Miley Cryus's outfit scored a 'very cool; 40-44/100', however another fell flat because it was 'a little scary'. 

Not even Ariana Grande - usually a hit in fashion circles has been spared, with the tot rating one look as '2/10' saying 'That's ridiculous!'.

Taylor Swift also failed to win her approval. 'It looks like a police officer!', she said of Swifty's simple blue shirt and black pants combo, 'Very unsure 4/10'.


She was kinder to Kendall Jenner, saying of a sparkly neon green jumpsuit: 'It's like sparkly Grinch. I like it - 14/10'.

Another of Jenner's colourful looks - her 2019 feathered Met Gala ensemble, the toddler said: 'It's like my orange bow - fire 10/10'.

Although other Jenner looks warranted an 'um, I don't think so' and in a high cut dress showing off Jenner's hip bones cautioned 'uh oh, her underwear fell off'.

And while Harry Styles fashion flair was hit and miss - one outfit earning just 3/10, while his now infamous Vogue cover dress got the nod of approval with: 'pretty dress like me! 100 and $100/10'. A yellow suit with a purple bow wasn't such a hit, with the tot likening him to a Minion. 

The videos have proved a hit and have gone viral, with her Kim K video so far notching up more than 1.7 million views and her Harry Styles critique reaching 830,000 views.

And plenty of praise in the comments section.

"I'm scared to show my outfits to her," joked one. "Joan Rivers has been reincarnated everyone, just so you're aware. She is with us again," added another, in reference to the late comedian's Fashion Police show.

"Her ratings were pretty accurate. Someone come hire this lil bb," said another.

"Legend has it that Harry is still crying from how quick she shut him down with that 3," another joked.