'Hit a breaking point': Mum goes on strike after family refuses to clean up

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When you're juggling work/life/parenting - oh and there's a global pandemic, it's pretty easy to reach breaking point. That's exactly what happened to one mum who took to Reddit to share that she'd gone on strike.

"My husband and I have been together 14 years," she wrote. "Our kids are 15, 14 and 11. Up until about two years ago my kids all had chores that they did daily but of course with them getting older, it became more of a chore for myself when trying to get them to do anything to help me out so I stopped asking."

Admitting that was probably her first mistake, the mum adds that her husband doesn't "lift a finger" when it comes to housework. 

"I hit a breaking point one day when I came home after a weekend business trip with work to a completely in shambles house," she continues. "There were dirty dishes scattered and placed in various corners of my home, trash wasn't taken out, laundry was spewing over the top of our hamper, toothpaste lining the sink, etc. You get the point. I grabbed myself a nice tall glass of Crown Royal and went to my backyard, where I proceeded to sit and do nothing."

Two hours later, when the family returned home, mum says she chuckled to herself as they, "stopped  dead in the doorway, looked at the mess and then back at me."

"Honey, I have my boss coming for dinner tonight. Did you forget?" her husband said.

"Nope," she responded. "What are you making for dinner?"

And that's when the penny dropped ... 

"My daughter lost it," she continues. " She's like 'How am I supposed to have my boyfriend come over to a house looking like this?'


"Hmm, good question," Mum told her. "Maybe you should cancel."

Her eldest son was the only one who offered to help. "Melanie, we can easily clean the house," he said to his sister. "It's obvious that mum needs a break".

But while he went in and cleaned, it wasn't done in time for her husband's boss to show up "and see our home in disarray."

"My daughter's boyfriend also saw the house in shambles and looked disgusted," she writes. "My daughter started crying and saying I embarrassed her and she will never forgive me."

Did I do the wrong thing? Mum asked Redditors. "I think maybe, because it was petty and bad timing but I was tired of not being helped."

And the overwhelming consensus was "oh hell no."

"Cleaning the house isn't as simple as bippity boppity done," one commenter wrote. "They knew people were coming over and you were gone all weekend. How is it fair for the one person who's been gone to come home and clean up after the other three who could've been keeping up on themselves? AND cook for an important guest? You definitely need to have a chat with them about personal responsibility and self awareness."

"At least dad and son realised "oh wait yeah we're supposed to have responsibility here. Let's get to it." Rather quickly. There's hope for them yet. The daughter not so much."

"Honestly. What was their mindset going into that evening?" added another. "Oh so-and-so is coming over, and the house is a mess, but that's okay, mum comes home today!"