How teachers are bringing students together amid coronavirus outbreak

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook 

With many schools in the United States shutting due to COVID-19 and children being taught at home, teachers worldwide are getting creative with how they interact with their students.

Teachers in the Frisco, Texas came together to host a teacher parade challenge- which involves teachers from the local school driving down the street to see their students, doing what they can to reassure students they haven't gone anywhere.

Local mother from the area Heather, posted a video to her Facebook of her children waving and holding signs out to their teachers as they drove down the street honking and waving to the them

"The teachers from Robertson elementary drove through our neighbourhood today so they could see the kids." She captioned the video. "The wind might have gotten in my eyes"

The video has been viewed over 5.8 million times, liked over 71 thousand, over 20 thousand comments and has been shared 187 thousand times.

"Thank you for this!!" a user commented. "We did it in our community today and the joy in our families and students faces was so uplifting and priceless!"

"My nephew was so happy seeing the school teachers from his driveway" another added.

The #teacherparadechallenge trend has since taken off, with teachers from around the country participating.

Suzy Balderston, a parent who lives in Stockton in California, told Essential Baby the teacher parade in her neighbourhood was "very uplifting".


"The teacher parade is [almost] all the teachers of an elementary school driving around the school's neighbourhood waving and honking to all their students" she explained.

"Even though we have to keep our distance, the teachers driving around made it very exciting" she added.

She posted the video on Facebook as well, captioning it "The teachers at our sons school had a drive by parade! #teacherparadechallenge"

 "It was so sweet!  [💕] "