I am heartbroken: Dad accidentally deletes 'I love you message', asks for another one

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A woman has shared the message her father sent her after he accidentally deleted a cherished voicemail - and trust us, you'll need tissues.

"Dear Natalie," the message reads. "I have kept a voicemail from you for over two years. All you did was to call me and tell me you loved me. I usually listen to it about 20 times a week. This morning, while listening to it, I received a phone call and accidentally deleted your voicemail. I am heartbroken and want it back on my phone. Please call me and leave another 'I just wanted to say I love you message'"


"I did call him," Natalie says. "After I stopped crying."

Excuse us one second:

And if that message doesn't get you right in the feels, reading through the comments certainly will. Many shared stories of loved ones they've lost and how precious their old voicemails are

" I have voicemails from my dad who passed away three years ago. I am deathly afraid of losing them. So I have them on my phone, my personal computer, my work computer, my OneDrive, and in emails in 2 different email accounts. I can't listen to them often, but they are there when I need them."

"My father passed almost 4 years ago this winter. My siblings kept a few of his voicemails. Someone told me "one day you won't remember the voice of a loved one when you haven't heard it in years."I'm so thankful my siblings kept his voicemail. That way in a few years or so, I can hear his voice again. While it's been almost 4 years, I vividly remember his voice. It's pretty scary to think about forgetting what he sounded like."

"You've just inspired me to do something. We just had a huge scare with my father in a car accident. He's always been a story teller and his laugh is one of the best sounds on this earth. I think I'll sit down with him for a little bit and record a bunch of things and get a ton of video and photos. I want my grandkids to know who their great grandpa was."

"I suddenly feel the urge to ring my parents and tell them I love them."