'I tried to save our beautiful boy': grieving mum's heartache after son chokes on bouncy ball

The Davis family together last year, with Alby in the centre.
The Davis family together last year, with Alby in the centre.  Photo: Instagram/The Small Folk

The grieving mother of a three-year-old boy who died after choking on a bouncy ball has taken to Instagram with a plea for compassion, sharing that false accusations about his death are only exacerbating the family's pain.

Alby Davis died in his mother's arms on February 26 at the family's Tasmanian home after the ball, which was to be a party favour at his upcoming birthday party, became lodged in his windpipe.

While the local community rallied around his devastated parents Simon and Anna Davis, raising over $250,000, the couple, who are expecting their fourth child, have also been subjected to "ignorant, hurtful and incorrect assumptions" about the specific details of their son's death.

The bouncy ball, which was bigger than a 50 cent piece, became lodged in Alby's windpipe.
The bouncy ball, which was bigger than a 50 cent piece, became lodged in Alby's windpipe. Photo: The Small Folk

Taking to her Instagram account, The Small Folk, Mrs Davis issued a plea to her "beautiful, loving community," to disregard the painful rumours. "I beg you ..." she wrote. "The heart ache we are already experiencing is indescribable, and to know there are ill-informed stories and subsequent false accusations circulating, initiated by some incredibly heartless people at this time, only exacerbates our pain."

The grief-stricken mother wrote that she wanted to briefly clarify some of the most widely spread misconceptions about Alby's death. "Yes, I of course tried to save our beautiful boy (including, but not only, undertaking CPR for 16 excruciating minutes until paramedics arrived)," she said. "I was three feet away from Alby when the incident occurred and was by his side within seconds."


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Sharing a picture of the ball, Mrs Davis described that the common party favour was larger than the 50c piece/film canister size recommendation for toys given to young children. "The ball packaging states not for children under three years", she continued, adding that as Alby was only a few days away from turning four, he was almost one year older than this advice.

Mrs Davis also thanked the community for their love and sympathy - and for embracing the family in their grief. "Knowing fellow mamas and papas are encircling our family, sharing in our grief, and clutching their babies a little tighter, brings us great comfort,"she wrote.

"Our golden boy will live on in us all."

Also mum to Sage and Acre, Mrs Davis is 25 weeks pregnant with her fourth child.

A spokesperson confirmed on Friday that Alby's death is currently being investigated by the coroner.

You can make a donation to The Davis family here.