Instagram removes photo of boy with no eye

12-year-old Harry Beswick (centre) was born with Goldenhar syndrome.
12-year-old Harry Beswick (centre) was born with Goldenhar syndrome. Photo: Instagram: @ouralteredlife

A mother in England is still waiting for an apology after Instagram removed a photo of her special needs son.

The photo showed 12-year-old Harry Beswick, who was born with Goldenhar syndrome, without his prosthetic eye.

The boy was born missing an eye, eye socket, nostril and ear on one side of his face. 

His mother Charlie Beswick posted a photo of him not wearing his prosthetic eye on her Instagram account that was removed for "breaching guidelines". 

She later received an email from Instagram explaining that the photo's removal had been reviewed.

"We've restored the photo and will take steps to make sure it isn't removed again."

Charlie Beswick told the BBC, "I appreciate that he looks different and people might not want to look at it, but that's not Instagram's decision." 

"For Instagram to decide Harry's face isn't suitable is disgusting," she said. "It does feel like discrimination to me."

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