'It gets a bit out of control': Mum with 16 kids reveals laundry tips


You might feel like you're currently drowning under a pile of laundry but spare a thought for mother of 16 Tiffany Nelson whose daily dirty clothes haul has to be seen to be believed. 

Tiffany and her husband Benji who live in the US, are parents to children aged 23 to 11 months old. Seven of their children are biological while nine are adopted. 

"I put life before laundry," Nelson says on her YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons, noting that her kids are only small once. 

"If I don't do laundry for one week, it gets a bit out of control," she says. Tiffany's helper for laundry is 14-year-old Lilee who has been allocated to the laundry "jurisdiction" for a year. According to the mum, each child has their own chore allocated for around 12 months.


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"How we start with our laundry is we put them into colours in these cabinets," Tiffany explains in her video.

"So what I do is each size of clothes, instead of putting the name or having baskets with the children's names on them, I just put a coloured dot on the different sizes of the clothes. 

"Because that way when I pass them down or I hand them down to the next child, they don't have Luke's name on it when Beckham gets it, it just has a colour. And they know that's their colour during that time in their life when they're that size. 

"Then, as I get them out of my clean clothes, I just go ahead and I find the hanger, some of them have tape on them, some of them have marker, whatever works.


"And I just correlate the colours, which makes it so easy if I have kids helping me, or if I have anybody helping me, because it's hard to know what belongs to PaisLee or PresLee because their sizes are so similar just to look at them. 

"Then you have to be looking for the size and that's really difficult, so you can just see the colour, throw it on the coloured hanger, hang it up or put it in the basket."

When the washing and sorting, which LiLee describes as "never-ending" is done, Tiffany says they call the kids and they take their colours back to their room.

"This is a system which works best for me with a lot of kids, so if you have a lot of kids in your family try this out."

Tiffany and Benji are parents to Kenn, 23, Kass, 21, Bridger, 21, JourNee 21, Trey, 19, Jaine, 17,  LiLee, 14 yrs old,  SaiDee, 13, NayVee, 12,  Luke, 11,  PaisLee- 9, DeLayNee, 8, PresLee, 7, ElleCee, 6, Beckham, 5, Ledger- 11 Months.


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